vrijdag 13 januari 2012

A little bit support

I’m in the mailing list of Amnesty Nederland. I get emails in my inbox which I can reply to put my name on a petition. It’s easy and it really works. I’m always very happy when I receive an email with good news from Amnesty.

But, Amnesty also has a “Groetenlijst” (Regards list). It’s a list with names, stories, and addresses from people all over the world. Some are in prison, others are threatened but they are all human rights activists who could use a little support. You can chose a name from the list and write a letter or card. They have sentences in the language you have to use. I like to send cards to people from the list. It’s not much but I hope it will give them the strength to keep on going.
This is the card I have sent to Norma Cruz, Guatemala. She fights for protection and civil rights for woman.
If you are interested, take a look at the Amnesty website. Make sure you checked the rules bofore sending a card. Sometimes people can get big problems if you put the name Amnesty on you card as example. You don’t want to bring them in bad positions, right?

If you have some questions about it. Feel free to ask me!

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